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An Examination of A Title Order, by Inwest Title, A Utah Title Company

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

At Inwest Title Services, we recognize that our clients have a million and one things on their “to-do” list and placing a title order can be one of them. We sincerely appreciate our clients, and we work quickly and effectively to return their title order in a dependable manner. We thought that since our clients know the in’s and out’s of placing a title order with us, we would describe what happens on our end after receiving the order. Make sure to watch the entertaining video below to see the process in action!

What happens to my title order?

After sending the title order through an electronic device, we immediately receive it and the step-by-step process begins at our Title Plant in West Haven Utah.

The first stop in the title order process is to the Locate Department. Our staff locates the property in the county records and pulls copies of the taxes and abstracts. Next, the order is sent to the Title Searching Department. The county records are searched to find all applicable documents that need to be shown on the commitment or also known as the “PR.” Subsequently, the Typing Department receives the order where it is typed from a hand-written sheet to a clean and accurate typed report. The final department to review the order is the Title Review Department. They double-check the search and it is proofed for typos and errors. Last but not least, the commitment is completed and sent back to the client via email.

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What is a Title Plant? By Inwest Title, a Utah Title Company

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Have you ever heard the two words, “title plant” together and wondered, “What is that?”  Question no more because today is your lucky day! Below is an explanation of what and where our title plant is located and how it can be beneficial for you and your clients.  Be sure to watch the video for an even closer look at onsite footage and further insight regarding our title plant!

Inwest’s title plant is a privately owned facility located in West Haven Utah.  Inwest Title Services owns all of the county record information including abstracts, plat maps, documents, and important information necessary to complete a title examination.  One of the many benefits of owning our own title plant is full access to information on our own schedule without the delay of limited courthouse hours.

Our title plant was built in 2002 and serves many purposes.  The plant has ten departments and retains thirty-eight employees.  We have built more individual county title plants than any other title company in Utah and are progressively building new title plants for outlying counties.  We have title records for 93% of the population of Utah and will soon have county records for the entire state.  This allows customers unprecedented access to information about most cities or counties in Utah.

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