Success to you in 2014!

With the start of the new year, many people will be setting goals and making resolutions. It is a time that so many people want to change something in their lives and want to list what those changes will be. Some resolutions are personal, others are professional. Most goals that are set at this time of year are worthy, positive and well intentioned. Gyms will see a huge influx of people determined to work out. People will be buying organizing products. The road to self-improvement will be paved with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, as we all know, many people will not achieve their resolutions and by February many goals will be cast aside as old, comfortable habits come back into play.While there are no magic or universal solutions to setting goals or making resolutions, here are a few ideas for your consideration as we enter 2014.


  • Set Achievable Goals: Far too many people set goals or map out a plan that is too much for them. They are unrealistic and they push themselves at a pace that few will be able to maintain. Resolutions should push you, but notĀ  break you. Be realistic.


  • Professional Goals & Personal Goals WILL Overlap: Do not be fooled into thinking you can spend more time with family and friends as a personal goal, but work harder in your professional life with no plan for balancing that out. Far too often, professional goals hurt personal goals, or vice versa. Realize that family life must always come first and make sure that professional goals do not hamper or harm what matters most. Do not put so much on the family list that you cannot accomplish worthy professional goals that help you make a living.


  • Fun Resolutions Help: Take up reading, or take an art class. Plan a trip or start gardening. Resolutions should not only include what you want to do to improve work or family. Resolutions that give you joy or help you relax are just as important as those that help you make money or spend time with family.


  • Resolve to use Tech Time Savers & Organizers: What technology or organizational skills can you employ that will help you professionally? Smart Phones? Apps? Software? It does not take a ton of money or technical skill to use technology to improve the service you provide your clients and to help you be more organized. In a world where smart phones allow real estate professionals to do almost anything except show a house from anywhere with cell service, make sure you are using the tools to reduce your stress and increase your income, and help you to provide your clients with the best service possible. In so doing, you will find that personal time is more abundant and that stress levels decrease. What software can help you manage your business better? Download our NEW app here for freeĀ and start selling more real estate today.


  • Change What isn’t Working, Keep Doing What is: Far too many people cling to habits that don’t work at home or in business. Resolve to identify what those are and let go! Just as many people are always looking for the next best thing…they try to reinvent the wheel! While it is wise to consider “building a better mouse trap” sometimes the old saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” also applies.


Inwest title wants to help you in any way we can. Let us know what role we can play in supporting your goals. There are so many different resolutions and goals that can help us all in our personal and professional ventures. As we start a new year, take some time to make some resolutions, set some goals and make 2014 your best year yet!


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