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A few things every real estate agent should know about probate, by Inwest Title, a Utah Title Company

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Simply put, “probate” is the legal process by which a deceased person’s assets are collected, debts are settled, and any remaining assets are distributed to beneficiaries or legal heirs. The word “probate” comes from the classical Latin word probates, meaning “to prove;” in this case, to prove in court the validity of the deceased’s last will or legal heirs. The court appoints a person to administer the deceased’s estate called the “personal representative” or “PR.” The PR is given legal authority by the court to step into the deceased’s shoes, make certain transfers and otherwise wrap up the deceased’s affairs.  Unfortunately, the word “probate” has been given a bad reputation. But there is no need for this. In Utah, the probate process is relatively straightforward and streamlined, especially when compared to other states. In fact, the majority of Utah probates are without court supervision and with little or no conflict.  Read the full article at


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Comments on the Modified HARP (2.0) program, by Inwest Title, a Utah Title Company

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Here is some  information regarding HARP 2.0 posted by Ted Jones of Stewart Title Guaranty out of Texas.  Ted C. Jones, PhD is the Senior Vice President-Chief Economist for Stewart Title Guaranty Company and also Director of Investor Relations for Stewart Information Services Corporation (NYSE-STC).