New Logan Utah Location

June 19th, 2018

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Heritage Title Insurance Agency of Logan. We are excited to add the experienced team at Heritage, and know their culture of excellence will mesh perfectly with our mission to provide superior service to our customers. Additionally, this transaction is yet another opportunity to expand our geographic footprint allowing us to serve our clients across the entire state of Utah.

Best Practices, by Inwest Title, Utah’s Largest Independent Title Company

August 26th, 2016

With all the increased regulatory requirements and changes in recent years brought on by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) forcing lenders to heavily scrutinize and vet those providing services to them Inwest Title took immediate action to assist in this process. Inwest Title has undergone an in depth audit of our policies and procedures by one of the nation’s largest and most respected accounting firms. The purpose of the audit was to show that Inwest Title meets or exceeds industry standards established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA®) which consist of the following 7 pillars:

Pillar No 1: Establish and maintain current License(s) as required to conduct the business of title insurance and settlement services.

Pillar No 2: Adopt and maintain appropriate written procedures and controls for Escrow Trust Accounts allowing for electronic verification of reconciliation.

Pillar No 3: Adopt and maintain a written privacy and information security program to protect Non-public Personal Information as required by local, state, and federal law.

Pillar No 4: Adopt standard real estate settlement procedures and policies that help ensure compliance with Federal and State Consumer Financial Protection Laws as applicable to the Settlement process.

Pillar No 5: Adopt and maintain written procedures related to title policy production, delivery, reporting and premium remittance.

Pillar No 6: Maintain appropriate professional liability insurance and fidelity coverage.

Pillar No 7: Adopt and maintain written procedures for resolving consumer complaints.

As an industry leader and the largest independent title company in Utah, Inwest Title has not only has adopted and implemented these ALTA best practices standards but have made it our mission to continually work towards improving our internal processes to put the consumer first with a seamless closing process with a focus on protecting consumer private information and in resolving any complaints quickly and efficiently.


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Success to you in 2014!

January 14th, 2014

With the start of the new year, many people will be setting goals and making resolutions. It is a time that so many people want to change something in their lives and want to list what those changes will be. Some resolutions are personal, others are professional. Most goals that are set at this time of year are worthy, positive and well intentioned. Gyms will see a huge influx of people determined to work out. People will be buying organizing products. The road to self-improvement will be paved with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, as we all know, many people will not achieve their resolutions and by February many goals will be cast aside as old, comfortable habits come back into play.While there are no magic or universal solutions to setting goals or making resolutions, here are a few ideas for your consideration as we enter 2014.


  • Set Achievable Goals: Far too many people set goals or map out a plan that is too much for them. They are unrealistic and they push themselves at a pace that few will be able to maintain. Resolutions should push you, but not  break you. Be realistic.


  • Professional Goals & Personal Goals WILL Overlap: Do not be fooled into thinking you can spend more time with family and friends as a personal goal, but work harder in your professional life with no plan for balancing that out. Far too often, professional goals hurt personal goals, or vice versa. Realize that family life must always come first and make sure that professional goals do not hamper or harm what matters most. Do not put so much on the family list that you cannot accomplish worthy professional goals that help you make a living.


  • Fun Resolutions Help: Take up reading, or take an art class. Plan a trip or start gardening. Resolutions should not only include what you want to do to improve work or family. Resolutions that give you joy or help you relax are just as important as those that help you make money or spend time with family.


  • Resolve to use Tech Time Savers & Organizers: What technology or organizational skills can you employ that will help you professionally? Smart Phones? Apps? Software? It does not take a ton of money or technical skill to use technology to improve the service you provide your clients and to help you be more organized. In a world where smart phones allow real estate professionals to do almost anything except show a house from anywhere with cell service, make sure you are using the tools to reduce your stress and increase your income, and help you to provide your clients with the best service possible. In so doing, you will find that personal time is more abundant and that stress levels decrease. What software can help you manage your business better? Download our NEW app here for free and start selling more real estate today.


  • Change What isn’t Working, Keep Doing What is: Far too many people cling to habits that don’t work at home or in business. Resolve to identify what those are and let go! Just as many people are always looking for the next best thing…they try to reinvent the wheel! While it is wise to consider “building a better mouse trap” sometimes the old saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” also applies.


Inwest title wants to help you in any way we can. Let us know what role we can play in supporting your goals. There are so many different resolutions and goals that can help us all in our personal and professional ventures. As we start a new year, take some time to make some resolutions, set some goals and make 2014 your best year yet!


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We Have an APP for That! by Inwest Title a Utah Title Company

December 26th, 2013

We Have An App For That, by Inwest Title Services, A Utah Title Company


Inwest Title Services has always positioned itself at the front of the competition when it comes to customer service, statewide coverage and technology. The world is full of websites that provide resources and tools and the latest movement is to the Mobile App. Inwest Title Services launched the first version of the Inwest Title Services Mobile App in December 2013.

This powerful App puts many tools and resources at the “mobile” fingertips of its clients. Real Estate professionals, lenders, bankers and builders can all access the already powerful online tools on via the App program. The App allows a client to place and track new title order requests anytime of day. Real Estate professionals can snap a photo of their REPC documents and upload them to the buyer or seller file and make sure their Escrow Officer has the latest Addendum to their file 365 days a year.

The Main Menu of the App will also allow Real Estate Professionals to calculate their seller’s bottom line inside the Seller Net Sheet Calculator. This calculator allows an agent to plug in key pieces of information regarding their seller’s situation to include sales price, loan amounts being paid off, commissions owed to the agents, home warranty, concessions and more and determine an estimated seller proceeds amount. Agents use this tool to calculate the bottom line once an offer comes over from a prospective buyer but also visually communicate the scenarios to the seller based on what kind of offers may come and what to expect their proceeds to be if listed at the home’s comped value.

Real Estate professionals in Utah can also request Property Information to include property profiles, abstracts, plat maps, CCRs and more via the App button labeled Property Information. The information is sent immediately to our Marketing Department where the request is processed and sent back to the agent via email.

Loan officers and their support teams can access Title Fee Quotes and get estimated fees for their refinance and purchase borrowers from the Instant Fee Quote option on the App. When it’s time to close, Inwest Title Services has included the ability to access turn by turn directions to any of its 13 offices in Utah. Settlement and closing can take place at any of the 13 locations, which allows the client to dictate what is most convenient for them.

The Inwest Title Services App is available for free in the App Store℠ or at At this time, the App is available for iPhone® users. Coming soon- version for Android™ for the Inwest Title Services App. App Store and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


Once the App is downloaded, it is necessary for the user to enter their login and password information. This login and password information is the same as the credentials used to access the Email if you have forgotten or need to request a new login and password.


Inwest Title Services, Utah’s largest independently owned and operated title company is committed to bringing our clients the best in title and escrow and staying at the forefront of technology. Like us on Facebook


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What is the PURPOSE of Title Insurance? by Inwest Title a Utah Title Company

October 24th, 2013

Click on the play button to hear Tracy explain WHY you need title insurance.

Tracy Cottle-Tips from a Title Agent


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St George Branch Office Celebrates 10 Years of Operation

September 13th, 2013
Inwest Title is excited to be celebrating its 10th year servicing Southern Utah-via our St. George branch office this month!  Thank you to all of our amazing clients for the honor of servicing your Title & Escrow needs this past decade!  We look forward to many more years of working closely with you!
For years, they resided on St George Blvd, but recently relocated into a gorgeous office space at  444B Tabernacle St Suite 202.
444B E Tabernacle St – St George, UT

Fun Facts about the St George Office

  • With the number of buyers that come from the Wasatch Front (approx. 60%) to purchase properties in St. George we facilitate closings across the State of Utah.  This is a tremendous benefit of working with a Title Company like Inwest Title Services.
  • For Inwest, we focus on the three Southern Utah Counties mostly (Washington, Iron, Kane).

Best Escrow in Southern Utah

  • Inwest Title Services boasts of having the best Escrow teams in Southern Utah
  • We also offer the following services to assist in our clients success:  Property Profiles, Neighborhood address for just listed and just sold postcards, digital CC&R’s, a sophisticated online program for Instant Title Fee Quotes and Seller’s Net Sheets, Notice of Default Lists, Market Data Reports, and a REPC deadline reminder so our clients never miss a contract deadline.The Southern Utah Offices specialize in all types of transactions including, but not limited to: Home Sales, Refinances, New Construction, Reverse Mortgage Purchases, Home Equity, Short Sales and Foreclosures/REO, Developers and Builder Transactions, Lot Sales and Commercial transactions.
  • The St George Office holds a combined Years of Experience totaling more than 106 years.

L-R: Talia, Mellie, Char, Beth, Whitney, Dan

Go to our facebook page to answer our trivia re: Inwest Title St. George office for a chance to win an Inwest Title prize pack!*

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Tips from a Title Agent by Inwest Title a Utah Title Company

August 28th, 2013

Tracy Cottle is back with more Tips from a Title Agent on how Judgements and Bankruptcy can affect selling or buying a home.


Tracy Cottle-Tips from a Title Agent

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5 Steps to Simplify the For Sale By Owner Process. by Inwest Title a Utah Title Company

August 8th, 2013

As a title company we get a lot of calls and hits to our website looking for details and information regarding the title and escrow process when selling your home without an agent.  As the homeowner, you decide to sell your home without the assistance of a Real Estate professional, put the “For Sale By Owner” sign in the yard and wonder what to do next.  We handle calls into our offices and emails with a simple 5 Step Process that we make Utahn’s aware of.


Step 1)  

Place your Title Order with a reputable title company that understands how to handle For Sale By Owner transactions. In the state of Utah, you are required to use a title company to facilitate the closing process and facilitate the settlement of the transaction. It’s a good idea to contact Inwest Title Services to get a fee quote and “Place the Title Order”.  This simply means giving the title company the approval to start the preliminary search of your property’s title and history.  Most companies in Utah will not require any upfront fees to “Place the Title Order”, it’s all paid for at the time of closing at the closing table.


Step 2 & 3)  Find a buyer and negotiate a fair and acceptable offer. Once you’ve agreed to terms with your prospective buyer and you have an official Real Estate Purchase Contract (also referred to as a REPC; you can find a copy of it here, under STATE APPROVED FORMS ) completed, you will want to make immediate contact with your title company representativeand advise them that you are “Under Contract”.  Under contract simply means that you and the buyer have agreed to terms and are both moving forward with the sale/purchase based on the agreed upon terms.


Step 4)  Send a copy of the Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) to your title company representative or Escrow Officer and discuss any unique situations regarding the sale of the home.  For instance, does your contract involve a buyer using a Power of Attorney, or seller financing to name a few.


Step 5) If your Buyer is securing a loan to purchase your home, you will wait for their lender to prepare their loan for settlement.  The title company will work with the lender and schedule the closing and settlement for the buyer to close and a separate closing and settlement time for you as the Seller to come in an sign your Seller Side Closing Documents.  In Utah, it’s permitted for the Buyer and Seller to use separate title companies on the same transaction but most professionals will advise for the Seller of a For Sale By Owner property to request that the Buyer close at your same title company to help streamline the process.


The end result of these 5 steps is a home successfully sold, where you and the buyer have accomplished their goals.  If you find yourself a Seller of a For Sale by Owner property that isn’t getting past Step 2 & 3 and you need a quality referral for a Real Estate Professional, please let us know and we will be happy to give you a list of Real Estate Agents that you can interview for the job.  We’ve outlined these steps into user-friendly bite-sized sections, and we welcome you to use us as a resource for selling your home.


Whether you’ve already placed a sign in your yard, signed a contract with a buyer, or you’re simply doing research on how to get the closing completed on the home, Inwest Title Services has you covered.  Check out a special section of our website for more information and to get started.

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Tips from a Title Agent-First Time Homebuyers by Inwest Title a Utah Title Company

July 17th, 2013

Tracy Cottle-Tips from a Title Agent for First Time Homebuyers

Tracy Cottle meets with The Daily Dish on ABC4 and explains what first-time home buyers should prepare for. “The very best thing you can do if you’re thinking about (buying a home) is to log into the Inwest Title Website.”


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HOA Registry by Inwest Title a Utah Title Company

July 11th, 2013

HOA and Condo Contact Information to make your life easier!


All new Homeowner Associations and Condos are required to file in the registry no later than 90 days after recording their CC&Rs.  They are also required to file changes within 90 days of being implemented. The registry provides contact information so you know the point of contact for payoff or lien release information.  You can access this registry by going to :

Here is what the website looks like and offers several different points of contacts.

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